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How to find your dream job within a week, have a fulfilled life and expatriate to Vietnam.

"If your wish is to move to Vietnam, this is the only step-by-step action plan" 

" If you want to move and

work in Vietnam, this is for

YOU! "

Vietnam was ranked the second most popular destination among expats in a survey conducted this year. Quality of life, opportunities, as well as, ease of adaptation are the main criteria.

South East Asia is attracting more and more expats, off various ages, looking for their first professional experience, international career development opportunities or a fresh start.

Knowing that economic growth in Vietnam has been around 7% for more than ten years, we can well imagine why the country attracts various profiles of expats to fulfill the market needs.

It is easy to adapt to the culture and integrate with the local population. However, in regards to finding a job, it is often more tricky. The language gap, the growing opportunities often do not match the profile or experience of candidates.

"The best opportunities are now in Asia" - Warren Buffett

"Intern, employee and even entrepreneur..."

"Hi, my name is Guillaume, expat in South East Asia for more than four years. During the last years, I spent 6 months in Hong Kong for an internship, 6 months in Cambodia and now I have been living in Vietnam for three years.

I am verry happy to share this information with you today. I hope it will help you regarding your expatriate project and life in Vietnam. I was able to experiment with various kinds of jobs from being an intern, employee and even entrepreneur."


Expat in Vietnam & creator of 

7 days to find work in Vietnam

The first baby-step in

moving to Vietnam

Some people looking to expatriate are expecting to get experience overseas, others will expect to skyrocket their international career while others will move to Vietnam to find a better work-balanced life.

Whatever the vision that is driving you, moving abroad is often like a fresh new start. Even if you don't have a clear picture where your relocation will lead you, keep in mind that there should be only positive things that will come with this new opportunity.

Increasing your experience, improving a language, being more confident... are many benefits you will have from such an expatriation. Depending on your aspirations, your current situation and where you see yourself in 5 years, Vietnam can be your highway to success.

Succeeding in an expatriation requires making plans and preparing the project. Finding work and taking actions are key elements in making your ideal project become true.

Choose your country  

A dynamic country with a tropical climate and an excellent quality of life.

Prepare your project 

Be aware of job opportunities and get in touch with companies that are hiring expats.

Get your job

Apply, find your job and skyrocket your international career abroad

Leave your home-country,

YES! By finding a Job

When we turn on the TV these days in our home-countries, we are overwhelmed by inglorious news, growing unemployment and a moroseness that is plaguing the population.

On the other side of the planet, it's the opposite: full employment, tons of opportunities that can really help launch an international career.

For any ambitious project, it must be well prepared. It is also not always easy to find a job in some specific sectors.

Vietnamese plumbers, electricians, and other sectors without a lot of training are already an enormous number. It will also be very difficult without a diploma or significant experience to find work in some specific industries.

However, if you have graduated, have a Bachelors, Masters degree ... with a minimum amount of experience, it will be relatively easy to find an interesting job in your field.

If you still haven't graduated, do not worry ! You will later find out how you can still start working, show your skills and then apply for a long-term job.

On Facebook forums and groups dedicated to future expatriates, we often read about these fears and questions:

  •  How to overcome the language barrier? Finding companies that are currently hiring foreigners is not an easy step. Some companies also hire non-English native but they are even harder to find.
  •  What can you do when you don't know anyone? You probably don't yet have any acquaintances who can pass on your CV, ask their colleagues if someone is looking for someone who fits your profile. The network is important in Vietnam, but it is not essential to finding a job.
  •  How do I approach a company and give my Resume? Knowing which companies are recruiting is one thing, but to maximize your chances of finding work, you will need to send spontaneous applications. How do we do this? What are the codes to be respected in Vietnam that would be different from the procedures in your home-country?

Meet the right people

Build your professional network

Finding work is not as easy as you may expect. There are procedures to follow, channels of communication to use, as well as an obvious language barrier to overcome.

All of these components make it difficult for many expats to find a work because they do not know how to do it. If you have already tried it, it is understandable, and you should not blame yourself. Searching for a job overseas is always complicated because we do not know how to proceed or miss something important that can unlock the situation.

Build your professional network to reach new opportunities

The best advice I could give you is to build your professional network. You will have to go to recruitment meetups, networking events organized by chambers of commerce (Eurocham, Amcham, Auscham ...) in order to meet new people and hear about fresh job opportunities. If you are not in Vietnam yet or want to save time, there are shortcuts.

Get in touch with companies

who are recruiting in your field right now.

You may be familiar with direct applications. That's one bit of advice you can use to reach a lot of companies within a few days ! Knowing which companies are recruiting people from you nationality, letting them know that you are available for a job offer and giving your resume to the right person will increase your chances of obtaining an interview. Some head-hunter agencies are also looking for talented and experienced profiles for their customers. Even if you have a limited experience, you can still show them how motivated and eager you are to join their teams.

The advantage in applying abroad is that experience, motivation and the way you sell your profile to a recruiter have more importance over your degree. Obviously, if you have a degree from a well-known university, you will own an undeniable advantage. You should know that it is quite possible to convince a recruiter by asking them to test you for a month. Then, that is your responsibility to give your maximum effort during this trial period to win the job.

To help my fellow expats, I created -β€œ7 days to Find a Job in Vietnam”

A step-by-step training

to help you find work.

What most (future) expats are missing is a method to achieve the expected results : finding a job in Vietnam.

Without clear organization, they will accomplish things halfway, or even worse, give up along the way. To help you take action, connect with companies that are currently recruiting and maximizing your chances of getting THIS first interview that may change everything, I created this method to help you find a job in a week.

You are probably dreaming and would like to succeed :

Accelerate your job search

Imagine the time you will save by taking shortcut on your job search and how happy you will be receiving the confirmation of your employment abroad. Your international career begins!

Choose a comfortable life

Being an expat and follow your own dreams is the path that would literraly change your life. Vietnam offers an ideal setting and vibrant cities where life is good and expatriates are happy.

Follow your dream, you deserve it!

Take your plane ticket and celebrate your new life: a promising future, a rich life, full of surprises, travels and meeting new people from all over the world.

This training will perfectly fit your situation if ...

  • You are looking for a final internship or a first experience abroad. Whatever your diploma and training, you can find a company that recruits trainees for a 3 to 6 month contract.
  • You are a senior with a lot of experience in your field. Even if you have not yet worked abroad, you can use your expertise and diplomas to find work in Vietnam.
  • You want to start a new life. It is great to make a new start and I congratulate you on making this decision. Too many people stay in a job they don't like, but if you want to follow this path, I am sure Vietnam will welcome you and give you a chance.

What are you going to get

in this course?

Private list of companies

Updated list of all companies that recruit foreigners in Vietnam and their contacts.

This list was compiled over several months from companies listed by chambers of commerce, companies that have recruited interns and expatriates in recent years.

It is structured by sector, contains all the information you need to apply: e-mail address, website, names of managers and even telephone number.

Proven 7-day method to find a job πŸ‡»πŸ‡³

In this video training "7 days to Find a Job in Vietnam", an expert in recruitment based in Ho Chi Minh City will disclose the all process proven method that I personally applied with success.

This approach has been tested and is effective to contact the right companies. All you must to do is follow the video, put on "pause", apply the tips. At the end of the video, you already send your first e-mail to apply for a company.

Express trainings

Specific trainings to be sure you will get the attention of recruiters and reach them by e-mail, those courses will help you to :

  • Preparation of your job application through improving your CV + LinkedIn profile
  • Catch the attention of HR with the proven email and LinkedIn invitation to send
  • Succeed your first job interview

"Best decision I've ever made in my life..."

"Going to live abroad was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. After a first work experience in Paris, I have been living and working in Vietnam for three years.

I sincerely wish everyone to take action and be able to experience a life as an expat in South East Asia. The economic boom happening in Vietnam offers tremendous boost for your career and new opportunities."


Freelancer in IT

Join the training

" 7 Days to Find a Job in Vietnam "


Just think for a second about the time you are about to save by following the roadmap of this training: it's an incredible shortcut to find the companies that are recruiting, contact them and get your first interview proposal.

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100% satisfaction guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. You take action, implement the advices and reach companies in Vietnam. If you do not receive any answers within 30 days, let us know and we will provide a full refund.

"A high salary of more than $6,000/month" 

"I had the opportunity to work for Lazada, a fast-growing e-commerce start-up in Vietnam. As a Junior, I could never have had such important managerial responsibilities in France: managing a team of 8 people and making it grow up to 20 people with a high salary of more than $6,000/month (120,000,000 VND + 20% bonus commission-based on monthly performance). An experience that transformed my life." 


Former Sales Manager 

Lazada - Alibaba

F.A.Q : How does it work?

Are the results guaranteed? What is included in the training? How can I get tailored coaching fitting my situation? What if I am not an English-speaking native? So many questions you may have in mind at this time.

Here are our answers:

Key takeaway and objectives of the course

The 7 days method for finding a job in Vietnam contains:

  • An updated list of companies that are currently hiring expats in your field to you save time and target the right companies.
  • Insights from an HR to avoid mistakes that most expats are doing ruining their chances of finding a job in Vietnam.
  • The road map that you MUST follow and apply to implement proven actions that will lead to interviews and job proposals from decision-makers in Vietnam.

All these resources are immediately available as soon as your order is placed. You are about to have access to the training in a few minutes, implement the method and start applying to companies by the end of the day.

Practical and time-effective video training

Emmanuel is the co-creator of the training course. He is a Recruitment expert based in Ho Chi Minh City for two years, Emmanuel will unclosed you the proven roadmap to follow to find a job in Vietnam.

The training has been designed to be practical and provide you the best advices that you can implement in a minimum of time. Those methods has never been shared publicly to effectively take shortcuts and find work with ease.

What does the private list of companies have ?

The private informations cannot be shared publicly because it contains sensitive data. We have counted more than 800 companies, the majority of which are: telephone number, e-mail address, website, names of the decision-maker employees (human resources, managers, etc.). This will certainly save you time on your search and allow you to get in direct contact with THE person who has to hire.

Find companies in your industry using the available filters

Access the names of managers, email addresses and even phone numbers

Do we provide personalized coaching ?

Your resume (on LinkedIn) is the first thing a recruiter will loot at. Having a profile that is convincing, highlighting the essential points and in a perfect English is an important thing to consider to get your first interview. In order to provide you tailored help, we have set up an optional support for your LinkedIn profile that you can order while joining the training. If you are interested, remember to tick the box "7-days training + LinkedIn support" on the next page.

We also provide a premium One-to-One Coaching during 45 minutes by Skype. Emmanuel, will contact you so that you can set-up a personalized coaching to receive tailored advices and feedback fitting your situation. If you want to benefit from his expertise, you can book a first call at an exclusive discount rate on the next page.

Not a native English speaker, nor Vietnamese speaking?

Many companies are employing foreigners not English-native who do not necessarily speak English very well. The call centers of IT outsourcing companies are an example. On the other hand, these companies are looking for someone who speaks French for instance to be able to answer the phone and help customers in France. Thus, it is not necessary to be a native English speaker to find a job in Vietnam.

Take Action for Your Future

and Join the Training!

Let us start launching your international carreer :

Enroll in the course for $197 $97 $67


"In a world that is changing so fast, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not to take risks. ", Mark Zuckerberg

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